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Best Bathroom Design Faucets

Bathroom Faucets

Don’t you hate how dang many paper towel variants there are? Just give me one reasonably-priced, absorbent option, please. Maybe in two possible sizes. Bonus points if it’s been fabricated by fairly paid people and the process left a very small carbon footprint. Done. Moving on. Life is way too full to debate paper products. Or screws, or varieties of potting soil. Or: FAUCETS.

Good God, why are there so many faucets in the world, said every single home remodeler ever. You are right: many of them would be better off not existing, in our humble opinions. But take heart! We’ve narrowed them down for you! You’ll have this done in a jiffy and can get back to your real life, we promise.

The Main Thing

Go with a reliable, established brand that plumbers in your geographic market know and local suppliers sell. When your faucet leaks in a year or 5 years or 10 years, you want it to be easily fixed so you can quickly get back to your real life. You don’t want your plumber to compare your faucet to an exotic car. You want it compared to the one with all the JD Power awards. (Note that some retailers, like Pottery Barn, sell faucets that are in fact made by reliable manufacturers—just dig a little deeper to confirm it’s a good make before you buy.)

Sure, But Just Tell Me Which One To Buy, Please

Ok, so what we just said doesn’t really help, you’re right. There are oodles of brands that are beautiful and reliable. If you have escaped putting the kids to bed and need to kill some time until they are definitely asleep, this site is a rabbit hole (ahem, fabulous resource) for reviews of the hundreds of faucet brands out there.

Or you can just use Kohler, Grohe, or Delta. That’s what we do.

Note: we do not recommend the cheapest faucets. You touch your faucets multiple times every day; you will notice a higher quality function and line. This is our general advice for door handles too. Don’t skimp on the things you touch and use all the time. There are places you can tighten the belt, we promise. But that’s another post.

So here you go. Our favorites! And only SIX—so reasonable! They all come in a variety of finishes (click on the links in the names to explore) and a variety of styles (single handle, double handle, wall-mount, bar height, pot fillers, etc.). Each one is pretty to look at and great to operate.